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1st Year Podcasts

Welcome to our first-year podcast series.

This series of tutorials has been developed to support students in our Year 1 Chemistry courses at McMaster. Because they are intended in part as review, the series is also at a level which will support senior level high school students.

The podcasts currently available are on topics related to acid-base chemistry. We invite you to view these tutorials, which vary from about 2-7 minutes in length, depending on the topic.

If you have comments/feedback on what you see, or suggestions for future topics, please send a message to: Pippa Lock (Year 1 Coordinator),

Note: for Mac Safari users, right click on the file, download it to your computer, remove the .txt extension. For Windows users, right click on the file and choose "Save Target As" to save them to your computer.... then go into iTunes and choose File --> Import to library.

Acid/Base Podcasts

Acid-Base Theories

The Difference Between Strong/Weak & Concentrated/Dilute


Buffers The pH of Salt Solutions

Thermodynamics Podcasts





Hess' LawHess' Law EnthalpyEnthalpies of Formation and Bond Energies


The following are animated videos of the same:

Acid/Base Videos

videoAcid-Base Theories

videoThe Difference Between Strong/Weak & Concentrated/Dilute


videoBuffers videoThe pH of Salt Solutions

Thermodynamic Videos





videoHess' Law videoEnthalpies of Formation and Bond Energies





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