McMaster University
Materials Chemistry Print E-mail

  • html Adronov, Alex
    (Synthesis of novel polymer architectures; carbon nanotube functionalization; supramolecular polymer chemistry)
  • html Brook, Michael A.
    (Organosilicon chemistry; polymer chemistry)
  • html Goward, Gillian R.
    (Solid-state NMR spectroscopy; electrochemical materials)
  • html Mozharivskyj, Yurij
  • (Magnetocaloric phases: thermoelectric phases; temp. sensors and ferromagnetic shape memory alloys; medium band gap semiconductors)
  • html Kruse, Peter
    (Surface chemistry; scanning probe microscopy)
  • html Saravanamuttu, Kalai
    (Sol-gel chemistry; self-assembly; photonics and photo-induced transformations)
  • html Stöver, Harald D.H.
    (Functional polymers; colloids and microspheres)
  • html Vargas-Baca, Ignacio
    (Heavy main group elements; nonlinear optical properties)