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The Co-Chairs of the Chemistry Health & Safety Committee are Jim McNulty, Gary Schrobilgen and Leah Allan.


Recent Lab Inspection Reports can be found here.  This is the new LabCliQ software we are using to log and keep track of all inspections.

Door sign Template can be found here (save the file for best results). Delete the symbols etc. that don't apply to your lab.  Print it in colour and have the main office laminate it for you.


NOTE: ABB has an OHSA Regulation 1101, 1st Aid Kit supplied by EOHSS. There is one in the Chemistry & Chemical Biology Main Office (ABB 156). You DO NOT need to have a regulation kit in your lab! If you decide to have one, you must ensure a person in your lab is certified with the 2 Day Standard 1st Aid Training. A log and inventory of the kit must be kept by this person and only this person can issue items from the 1st Aid Kit.

Should you decide to have a regulation kit, your 1st Aid Kit should have the following:

First Aid Requirements | Regulation 1101

  1. Every employer employing not more than five workers in any one shift at a place of employment shall provide and maintain at the place of employment a first aid station with a first aid box containing as a minimum,
    1. a current edition of a standard St. John Ambulance First Aid Manual;
    2. 1 card of safety pins; and
    3. dressings consisting of,
      • 12 adhesive dressings individually wrapped,
      • 4 sterile gauze pads, 3 inches square,
      • 2 rolls of gauze bandage, 2 inches wide,
      • 2 field dressings, 4 inches square or 2 four-inch sterile bandage compresses, and
      • 1 triangular bandage.
  2. The employer shall ensure that the first aid station is at all times in the charge of a worker who,
    1. (a) is the holder of a valid St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid Certifi cate or its equivalent; and
    2. (b) works in the immediate vicinity of the station.