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Old News:

A student was recently killed in the Student Machine shop at Yale

An assault in a Chemistry lab in Ottawa occurred over the Labour Day Weekend - Please make sure you enter the building safely after hours, inform Security of your presence and lock the door behind you!

A fire occurred in a lab in Ohio State University - hexane was the solvent involved - as it was in our last lab fire. Be aware - this could happen to you! Please work safely and follow proper handling/storage/waste procedures.

    Feel Free to Download these for your lab's purposes! Many thanks to all those in the Chemistry Department who took the time to write them.

    You're asking yourself, "Do I need to write these? And if so, for what?"

    The answer is: From the University Risk Managment Manual, RMM 301: SOPs, Supervisors must complete an SOP if any of four conditions apply:

    1. The procedure/process could cause a critical injury.
    2. The procedure/process could cause occupational illness.
    3. The procedure/process could cause environmental impairment.
    4. The procedure/process could damage University property.



    SOP's: Standard Operating Procedures

    Please note that not all are in the format as set out by RMM 301 but are still useful as a starting point - read thoroughly and amend as necessary for your lab group - some have been written from an undergraduate lab perspective.

    Lots more at this link:

    These are good procedures:

    Here is an excellent SOP - A Safety Agreement template - for working in a research lab which can be modified for your specific research/lab environment:  Safety Agreement Template 


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