The materials contained in this document have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable and to represent the best opinions on the subject.  This document is intended to serve only as a starting point for good practices and does not purport to specify minimum legal standards or to represent the policy of McMaster University Department of Chemistry.  No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made by the McMaster University Department of Chemistry as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information contained herein, and the McMaster University Department of Chemistry assumes no responsibility in connection therewith.  This document is intended to provide basic guidelines for safe practices.  Therefore, it cannot be assumed that all necessary warning and precautionary measures are contained in this document and that other or additional information or measures may not be required.  Users of this document should consult alternate sources of safety information prior to undertaking specific tasks.  Some other sources of safety information are listed in References Section J.







Some of the text of this manual was drawn from material provided by the Department of Chemistry of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  This material is reproduced here with their kind permission.


The Figures used in the WHMIS section are derived from Reference 21 and are used with permission of the Workers' Compensation board of British Columbia.


This manual was prepared by the Chemistry Department Safety Committee (1985/86) and revised by G. Timmins in 1992 and 2001. Any corrections, additions or comments should be brought to the attention of the current Department of Chemistry Safety Committee.