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Whether you are a prospective student, one of our currently enrolled graduate students, an alumnus, or just a curious visitor, I would like to welcome you to the Graduate Studies pages of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. This department offers tremendous opportunities for an exciting, productive, challenging, fulfilling, and invaluable experience to graduate students in all fields of chemistry. Our faculty are innovative, dynamic, and dedicated not only to ensuring success in graduate research, but also to the individual mentorship and development of students. We aim to produce independent, self-directed scientists capable of identifying logical methods to answering the most important scientific questions and challenges of tomorrow. Our research staff is also dedicated to establishing an unparalleled research environment. These individuals support some of the absolute best research facilities in Canada, providing hands-on training and mentorship for our graduate students on the most advanced instrumentation for chemical research available anywhere. Practically any experiment a student can dream of is possible within the research labs and facilities of our department. Finally, our administrative staff is composed of outstanding individuals who are committed to ensuring a productive, enjoyable, and seamless graduate experience to our students.

Although we pride ourselves on our world-class research output and scientific creativity, we firmly believe that our most important product is the graduate student who leaves our department with the necessary training to cooperate and compete with the best scientific communities anywhere in the world. We are firmly resolved to providing the training, mentorship, and research opportunities that will enable our students to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators in the Canadian scientific community.


David Emslie
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies