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Graduate Course Work at McMaster

The McMaster terminology regarding graduate courses is described in the following excerpts from the School of Graduate Studies Calendar. A more complete description of the course categories is found in the Calendar itself.

"Courses available for graduate credit are numbered either at the 700 or 600 level (e.g. 771 or 6D6). Courses at the 700 level are normally restricted in enrollment to graduate students; courses at the 600 level are available to senior undergraduates and to graduate students. Departments may have restrictions on the number of 600-level courses allowed for graduate credit. Graduate students taking 600-level courses are regularly required to do extra course work if the course is to be taken for graduate credit."

"Graduate courses are identified as being in one of three categories:

  • M refers to those courses that count towards the M.Sc. requirements... The passing grades for an M course are A+, A, A-, B+, B, and B-.
  • D identifies courses that count towards the Ph.D. requirements... The passing grades for a D course are A+, A, A-, B+, B, and B-.
  • EC (Extra Course) identifies courses that the student is taking with the approval of the supervisor but that are not necessary to the student's current degree program.

If a failing grade is received in a course taken as Extra, the course (and grade) will not appear on the student's transcript unless because of academic dishonesty."

"All instances of course failures are reviewed by the appropriate Faculty Committee on Graduate Admissions and Study. The Committee requests a departmental recommendation regarding the student, and this recommendation is given considerable weight. In the absence of a departmental recommendation to allow the student to continue, the student will be required to withdraw. Those allowed to remain in the program must either repeat or replace the failed course. A failing grade in a M or D course remains on the transcript."


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