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Rapid Phase Analyses (XRD2):

A single 2D frame of diffraction data from a rotating polycrystalline solid or powder gives very high S/N in a very short time, making it a cost-effective analysis. It has the advantage of minimizing preferred orientation effects (after integrating 2D to 1D) as well as giving visual evidence of the granularity of the (various) phase(s). The detectors are moved to 30cm (from sample) for Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) experiments, analysed with the NanoFit software (Bruker-AXS). A few micrograms of sample is sufficient, and sample surfaces can be rough or curved.

Bruker D8 Davinci, Vantec 500 area detector, focussed Co/Cu

Bruker Smart6000 CCD, Rigaku parallel-beam Cu rotating anode


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