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Single Crystal Diffraction (SCD):


The MAX Diffraction Facility has several diffractometers for single crystal structure determination. We can determine solid state structures, molecular structures (inorganic, metal organic, organic, polymeric), absolute configuration and macromolecular structures.  Three of  the diffractometers are equipped with liquid nitrogen sample cooling. We have also developed a software package (MAX3D) which allows us to study reciprocal space in detail in three dimensions. We can rapidly and readily identify regions of diffuse scattering, incommensurate scattering, twinning, or Bragg spot distortions.

Bruker Smart Apex2 CCD, sealed tube Mo

Stoe Image Plate, sealed tube Mo

Bruker Smart6000 CCD, Rigaku parallel-beam Cu rotating anode

Rigaku RAXIS-IV++ Image Plate, focussed Cu rotating anode


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