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It gives me great pleasure to share with you today's news that Karen Neumann and the GMP Testing Activity (Bob Berno, Connie Carrabs, Megan Fair, Sujan Fernando, Fan Fei, Jane Garneau, Kirk Green, Hilary Jenkins, Steve Kornic, Linda Spruce, and Dan Sorensen) have won 2015 President’s Awards for Outstanding Service, Karen winning in the individual category and the GMP Group in the team category.  These awards are presented annually to a select group of McMaster staff members who have made outstanding contributions to the McMaster and broader communities either individually or in teams.  Karen was nominated for her many years of dedicated and innovative service to our undergraduate programs and students, while the GMP Testing Activity was nominated for their remarkable efforts in achieving Health Canada accreditation as a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) NMR and MS testing facility for the Canadian pharmaceutical industry, an unprecedented feat that will have important and lasting effects on research and teaching at McMaster and in our department in particular. The awards will be presented by President Deane at a ceremony next month.

Congratulations as well to Ignacio Vargas-Baca and his group for their article in this month’s Nature Communications (doi: 1038/ncomms11299), which was published earlier this week.  The group and their achievement is featured in today’s McMaster Daily News (  

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