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Robin Hayes, Samantha Ros, Dr. Leigh, Nora Labbancz and Daniel Stuart.



Avinash Ramkissoon, Bryanna Tibensky, Dr. Leigh, Kelvin Tsao, Andy Tran, and Norman Shek


Congratulations to the CHEM 4G09 and CHEM BIO 4GG9 thesis students for preparing and delivering some excellent presentations! Kelvin Tsao (chembio) received the 2014 Fisher Scientific Prize for best presentation in Chemical Biology and Nora Labbancz (chem) received the 2014 Hypercube Scholar for best presentation in Chemistry. The three runner-ups from chemistry were Robin Hayes, Samantha Ros, and Daniel Stuart, and the four runner-ups for chemical biology were Avinash Ramkissoon, Bryanna Tibensky, Kelvin Tsao, Andy Tran, and Norman Shek.

A big thanks to the graduate society for organizing the pre-event (pizza and pop), and the chemistry (Nicole De Almeida, John DeBackere, and Laura Dodge,) and chemical biology (Vincent Azhikannickal, Carla Brown, Carmen Carasquilla, and Patricia Edem) session chairs.

Thank you to all of the students, staff and faculty who attended the event.

Dr. Nancy McKenzie

Dr. Harald Stover

Chemistry & Chemical Biology
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