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Fall Preview - Round 2: A Job Well Done! Print E-mail
I wish to extend my thanks to, and recognize, the volunteers who
contributed to a most successful Fall Preview (#2!) on Saturday, November
16th. No less than 23 enthusiastic undergraduate Chemistry and Chemical
Biology students came out to showcase our labs, share their experience, and
act as tour guides to bring visiting prospective students and their families
to our Year 1 Chemistry space in ABB 122. We also had a number of faculty
members and some of these students staffing information tables and answering
questions at those tables and in the labs. They all did a fantastic job, and
we welcomed literally hundreds of visitors.

This was a tremendous effort, and we can all be proud of these excellent
ambassadors for our Department. The volunteers are listed below. I also
extend my appreciation to the undergraduate technicians for preparing the
lab room.

Alison Abdilla
Archie Ahilan
Mouhanad Babi
Jennifer Li
Emily Hammond
Kathryn Benincasa
Jonathon Bloomfield
Tony Chen
Edmond Chiu
Ellen Connelly
Jing Han
Claudia Hopkins
Baweleta Isho
Aleshia Kormendi
Daniel Luo
Fariha Mahmood
Elizabeth Salvo
Rachel Shum
Lily Southcott
Sara Stonehouse
Jeffrey Suen
Matteo Tessaro
Shun Yuen

Dr. David Brock
Dr. Randy Dumont
Dr. Paul Harrison
Dr. Jeff Landry
Dr. Nancy McKenzie
Dr. Ignacio Vargas-Baca

Again, my congratulations and thanks,

Pippa Lock, Ph.D.
Associate Chair (Undergraduate); Year 1 Coordinator
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
McMaster Academic Planner