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Dear All,

I would like to congratulate several recent conference award winners from our department:
Fan Fei
Fan, a student in the McCarry Group, was awarded the "Glasgow Polyomics & University of Strathclyde Young Scientist Award" for outstanding poster presentation of research in the field of metabolomics for the Metabolomic Conference 2013 in Glasgow Scotland, which she attended with financial support from a Russell Bell Travel Scholarship.  Her poster was entitled "Comprehensive Metabolomic Analysis Reveals Major Differences in the Macrophage Inflammatory Response Between Young and Aged Mice".  Congratulations to Fan
Sabrina VanGyzen
Sabrina, from the Adronov Group, was awarded the second place oral presentation award at the CSC conference in Quebec City, for her talk entitled "Poly(ethylene oxide) Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation".  Sabrina was the winner of an Ed Hileman Travel Award, which funded her trip to the conference. Congratulations to Sabrina.

Laura Dodge
Laura, a student in the Brook Group, was awarded an MSED poster prize at the CSC conference in Quebec City, for her poster entitled "Novel Silicone Elastomers Based on Lewis Acid/Lewis Base Crosslinking".  Congratulations to Laura.  
In addition to these awards, John Grande, from the Brook Group, recently received the MSED Graduate Thesis Award.  Congratulations John.
Best regards,

Alex Adronov, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
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