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To the wonderful people in the chemistry department,

           I wanted to thank you hugely for your sweet tooth! This year the extra money from Yummy Wednesday in your departmental office went to sponsor a class trip for two classes of grade 4 students at Cathy Weaver Public School. The money was used to pay for an otherwise unaffordable bus to release young Atlantic salmon into Bronte Creek. The children had been nurturing the salmon in their class since January when they received them as eggs. The release day was extremely exciting and all the Let’s Talk Science volunteers took every opportunity to teach the kids about science, nature, and wild-life conservation. My favourite questions for the day were “why did that bird eat our fish”, and “what is sexual reproduction” --- life is always interesting around kids!

            Thanks again for your generosity and for helping our future scientists :)


            Tomas Gverzdys

            Dept. Biochemistry, PhD Student

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