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There have been several recent successes in our department with internal grant applications to support enhancements in various aspects of our undergraduate Chemistry and Chemical Biology programmes, that I am excited to share with you.  They are as follows:

1.  Year One Chemistry Research Initiative - $10,000 (Jeff Landry, PI: Forward with Integrity (FWI) Fund and Faculty of Science).  Jeff Landry introduced this novel programme as part of the Chemistry 1AA3 laboratory programme in 2009-10, and it has operated each year since.  It involves a select group of 12-16 Chem 1AA3 students who participate in a research project in lieu of the regular laboratory experiments. The funds will be used to outfit the 1AA3 labs with more advanced equipment than is currently available, to allow the students to work more efficiently and to enable expansion of the program to reach a larger number of students.

2.  Organic Chemistry Laboratory Enhancements - $12,000 (Greg Bahun, PI; Academic Science Fund (ASF) and Department).  This grant will allow the purchase of several new melting point apparatus for the Chem/Chem Bio 2OA3 and Chem/Chem Bio 2OB3 labs.  The new equipment will allow much greater access to this fundamental experimental method for students in these courses than is currently possible.

3.  Audio/Visual Equipment for Senior Chemistry Labs - $9,000 (Gillian Goward & Gary Schrobilgen, PIs; ASF and Department).  This grant will equip the 4th floor undergrad labs with audio-visual equipment to enhance the presentation of live demonstrations by instructors and TAs in Chem 2LA3/2LB3 and 3LA3/3LB3.  

4.  Computer and Video Display for the Chemistry & Chemical Biology Undergraduate Help Centre - $4,650 (Dave Brock, PI; ASF and Department).  This grant will provide our new Undergraduate Help Centre with a computer, 55" flat screen monitor, and chemical modelling & visualization software, for use by instructors and TAs in the Level 1 chemistry courses.

5.  Stirling Engines: Coffee Cup Thermodynamics for Second Year Chemists  - $7,500 (Gillian Goward, PI; ASF). This grant will provide funds to equip and develop a new thermodynamics experiment for Chemistry 2LB3.

6.  Southwestern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference - $2,000 (Alex Adronov, PI; ASF). This grant paid for the printing and binding of the program books, and the acquisition of software to handle abstract submission, for the SOUSCC Conference hosted last month by our Department in collaboration with our undergraduate student society, MUSCS. 

These grants will have a significant impact on the quality of the training and experience we provide to our undergraduate students, and I wish to thank the staff and faculty members who have devoted their time to putting proposals together over the past year in order to secure them.   A total of 7 applications were submitted from our department in the FWI and ASF competitions this past year, and 6 of them were funded - an outstanding success rate!

Cheers, Willie

William J. Leigh, Professor and Chair,

Chemistry & Chemical Biology
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