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Our department hosted the Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC) this past Saturday.  Despite the holiday weekend, we had record attendance for the conference, and it went extremely well!  We managed to get through ~130 talks during the day, and 27 posters in the evening poster session (which was well attended).  I have received many positive comments about the event, and was extremely pleased with how it transpired.  We had 28 undergrads from our department (Chem and ChemBio) presenting at the meeting.  These students came away with numerous awards, as listed below:
In the Organic Division, Artin Ghassemian and Spencer Ler won first and second prizes.
In the Analytical Division, Kevin Yin won first prize, and Michelle Saoi won third prize.
In the Organic Materials Division, Shivanthi Sriskandha won second prize.
In the Physical Materials Division, Anthony Palermo won third prize.
In the Inorganic Division, Joanna Leake won second prize.
And in the Biomolecular Division, Qian Feng won second prize.
Congratulations to these individuals, and all the presenters for their outstanding presentations.
I would also like to thank a number of people for all of their help in organizing and running this event.  Undergad helpers included:
Nora Labbancz
Tara Dickie
Fahim Naeem
and Faisal Adam Pany
Faculty that have helped throughout the past 6 months in putting the conference together include:
Jose Moran-Mirabal (who created the web page, the program book and helped with a huge number of other things!)
Ignacio Vargas-Baca (who created the technical program and communicated with registrants about numerous issues)
Phil Britz-McKibbin (who helped tremendously with gathering judges, among other things)
Jim McNulty
Harald Stover
A number of department members helped with judging, including Phil Britz-McKibbin, Jim McNulty, Bob Berno, Dave Brock, Randy Dumont, Harald Stover, Nathan Magarvey, Gillian Goward, Greg Bahun, Emily Cranston (ChemEng), and Kris Harris (PDF, Goward Group).  Thanks to all the judges for their effort in a task that was extremely difficult.
We had four grad student judges for the poster session, including Laura Dodge, Carlos Zepeda Velazquez, Madiha Khan, and Lukas Sadowski.
We had an official photographer - Lana Kostina (photos will be available on the SOUSCC website soon).
And I also want to thank all the grad student volunteers who served as session chairs:
Ryan Chadwick
Nadine Wellington
Talena Rambarran
Farnaz Heidarzadeh
Nicole DeAlmeida
Peng Wang
Ian Duffy
Leigh Spencer
Chris Gendy
Carlos Zepeda Velazquez
Yujie Zhu
Laura Dodge
Dinesh Basker
Nicole Rice
Lucia Lee
Lana Kostina
Lukas Sadowski
Madiha Khan
I'd also like to thank security services for quickly responding to a call for help - we had to rescue a student who was trapped in a washroom (but this only required us to pull the fire alarm once during the day...)
Thanks to all that helped... the meeting was a huge success and I am sure that all 200 participants came away with a positive impression of our department and McMaster.
Alex Adronov, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
Chemistry & Chemical Biology
McMaster Academic Planner